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Allen Owen cares about the future of Great Bend
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Dear Editor,
I have known Allene Owen since the early 1990s, dealing with her as an entrepreneur, serving with her on various committees and observing her in her role as a city council person. Allene has always been passionate about Great Bend, its economic growth, its people and its future. She is always looking out for the best for its citizens.  
Allene is a very committed individual. She is committed to her business and the civic organizations she serves as a member. She is committed to being an advocate of our community, helping it grow and prosper.
Allene is also a very positive person, always looking for a solution that will be for the good of the community. She has innovative ideas, a questioning mind and is always looking for solutions on issues that involve our City. Her years on the Council bring experience and a vast network to help deal with issues on a local, state and federal basis that involve our town.  
Most of all Allene CARES about the future of Great Bend.
Vote Allene Owen, Great Bend City Council Third Ward, on April 2, 2013!
Sheryl K. Cheely
Great Bend