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Allison a positive leader
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Dear Editor,
I am writing to endorse Mike Allison for the position of Mayor of Great Bend. During Mike’s term as mayor, Great Bend has seen positive growth which is easily measured financially, by the 27% increase in the ½ cent sales tax from its first full year compared to that of 2012. More importantly, under Mike’s tenure, we have seen positive growth in an area that is difficult to measure, but is inherently linked to the success of a community, our pride. When my wife Teri and I were considering moving here from the Dallas area, I distinctly remember being asked why we would leave Dallas to come to Great Bend. In fact, those same sentiments were echoed more than a few times. Despite this rather unique recruiting technique, we made the fortuitous decision to come to Great Bend and we haven’t looked back. We have thoroughly enjoyed Great Bend both professionally and personally. We have seen the addition of numerous businesses, including Great Bend Regional Hospital, improvements to infrastructure via upgrades in streets and sewer, improvements in our schools, improvements in our lifestyle through ball diamonds, waterparks, and bike paths. With each passing year, each of these improvements have led to the cumulative effect of changing not only how we are viewed by other communities (not counting Hays), but how we view ourselves. Although this growth has come with a fair share of challenges, Mike Allison has done an outstanding job of guiding Great Bend through both the challenges and the rewards of our growth. Join me in re-electing Mike Allison as a mayor who will continue to lead us with the same positive example that he has shown in the past.
I would also ask that we, as citizens, discontinue personal attacks on our candidates. Whether we politically agree or disagree with our two candidates, neither Mike or Randy deserve this kind of treatment. They should both be commended for their willingness to lead, and their commitment for a better Great Bend.
Marc E. Huslig
Great Bend