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Allison's effort need to continue
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Dear Editor,
Who do you know that spends more “unpaid” time working for the benefit of the city of Great Bend, than Mayor Mike Allison?
Over the years different dentists in our community have lengthened the hours that they practice on Monday through Thursday, so they may have time on Friday to catch up on paperwork or personal matters. 
Dr. Allison’s office is one, which is closed on Friday.  And I am sure he, too, utilizes part of some Fridays for personal matters. 
However, more importantly for our community, this also means that he has, and takes, the time to attend to mayoral responsibilities and duties during “business hours” on most Fridays, as well as “after hours” whenever and wherever there is an opportunity to promote or serve Great Bend.
As our current mayor, Mike has built a relationship with other elected officials and government employees both on the regional and state levels. 
He knows where and who to call to obtain whatever information the city may need.  More importantly the person on the other end of the line knows Mike, and thus is more willing to share what information he has, because he is not talking to a stranger.
The betterment of Great Bend is a personal crusade for Mike Allison, and our city will clearly benefit from his continuation as mayor.
Please take a few moments of your time, between now and the end of the day on April 5, to vote in the city election.
Dale Oliver,
Great Bend