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Amazing Doctor
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Dear Editor,              
I’m writing this letter in support of Dr. Fesen and his staff at The Heartland Cancer. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 8 years ago at the age of 41. I was very scared as it had spread to my lymphnodes. He reassured me that he had treated other women with my same scenario and seen a lot of them come through it. After having a lumpectomy and then a mastectomy, we proceeded with my 2-year treatment plan. I first went through chemotherapy which did make me tired, but was given nausea medicine each time so did not get sick and was able to continue working at my job at CPI. After I finished that,  the plan was to have a hysterectomy. Once I healed from that, I went through radiation every day for six weeks. After I finished radiation, I had a different type of chemotherapy. Then, since I had the hormonal type of breast cancer, I take a breast cancer pill every day for 10 years to block any stray cancer cells from being fed through my hormones. So yes, I was blessed to have a very planned out, aggressive, treatment to cancer. I still see Dr. Fesen every four to six months and am thankful that I chose Dr. Fesen as my oncologist. Without him, I feel like I may not be here today!
Jamie Wolf