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An open letter to Kansas Legislators
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Dear Legislators;
It appears the Kansas Supreme Court is going to usurp your Constitutional authority once again and dictate how much money must be spent by Kansas taxpayers on public school education.
Clearly this power was delegated in the Kansas Constitution solely to the Kansas Legislature but the Kansas Supreme Court thinks it can be a “legislature” as well even though they are not elected by Kansas citizens nor accountable to them.
So, here’s suggestion for Kansas Legislators. If the Supreme Court starts acting like a legislature, then sell the Kansas Judicial Center and move the Supreme Court back into the basement of the Capitol Building where they will feel more at home.
Place a “FOR SALE - $1OO million or best offer” sign in front of the Supreme Court Building. It may be worth more than that so you better check it out first.
I’m sure you have checked out the funding for schools as best as possible seeing that there is no standard accounting practices for all the schools in Kansas. You are also elected by voters and held accountable for your actions every two years. So, your recognition of the needs of various school districts, of the teachers, of the students, and most importantly of the parents is significantly greater than any knowledge of any member of the Kansas Supreme Court.
So, tell the Supreme Court to mind their Constitutional business and let the legislature take care of its Constitutional business, which by the way, has to do with allocation of properties and budgets for all the courts in Kansas.
Many Judges think they walk on water now, maybe walking in the basement of the Capitol will bring them back down to earth.
David Gittrich