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Answer my questions
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Dear Editor,
Mr. Kent Roth, of Ellinwood, Kansas has formed an exploratory committee to possibly run for Congress. I have asked Mr. Roth some very pointed questions concerning a number of different issues. What I got from Mr. Roth in reply was a clarification on what he felt my major issue was, which was the extension of the law to keep nonmetallic guns illegal. Totally understandable, but not necessarily to my liking. He then went on to thank me for my service to our country and state as I am a veteran. He answered no other questions that I had asked. I felt like it was a ‘yeah, here ya go, now go sit down and shut up’.
What I have gotten from Mr. Roth, and another person, named Don Peter, the Ellinwood City Manager, upon insistence that he answer these questions I put to him, has been far less civil than what I would care to share in gentle company. They have attacked the way I dress (which is often a part of a uniform that I have earned the right to wear), the Gadsden Flag that I keep on my facebook page as my profile photo, and have accused me of being anti-government. I’ve got gator skin, but that is no way for anyone who would want to represent Kansas to talk. I was told that until I delete a particular group that I had followed a couple of years ago, they would not correspond with me. I felt like that was a bully move and power grab against me, but I’ve dealt with bullies before. Some of my posts were deleted because I called Mr. Peter out on what Social Security was originally meant to do and that in my mind, the government could save my money better than I can.
There ARE problems with it. Everybody knows that Social Security is a broken system, basically because there are fewer people paying into that ‘fund’ and more taking from it. There are good things still left in Social Security, but they are no longer the norm of that administration.
People, one of the reasons for the financial mess this country is in is because of old school, establishment politicians that compromise just for the sake of compromise. That time is over! This thought process happens on both sides of the aisle and it never solves problems. It does make them all wealthy, though.
When a politician, or a wannabe politician, will not answer sound questions of a voting constituent, who will they answer to. I will admit, I am not the best guy in town, but I will do the right thing when forced to make a moral decision. If these two guys won’t answer those questions when they are reinforced by numerous others, will they answer to anyone if Mr. Roth is elected. I would highly doubt it. My problem, now that I have questioned these men in a public forum, is that for the time being I have to live in the same small town as these two gentlemen, and I believe I have the moral obligation to not let Mr. Roth go to Washington to represent the 1st District of Kansas.
I am not endorsing anyone, although I do like that our current sitting representative has stood his ground when pushed to conform. That, actually, is one of the reasons The United States fought a war in the late 1700s. The Founding Fathers were nonconformist, as well. I would prefer to say ‘Founding People’, but saying something like that might not be understood by some of the people who run this country right now, or some who may want to.
Mr. Roth, answer my questions, please, but be advised, one person can make a difference.
Joe Gerritzen