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Are we becoming too dependent on others?
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Dear Editor,
With all the recent discussion about gun control I was struck by the idea that in an emergency situation we are being conditioned or have already been conditioned to be totally dependent on others. Take for example, when did we stop calling the police, firefighters or emergency medical technicians (EMT’s) by those names and start calling them first responders?
Let’s take a deep breath and a step back and think about this for a minute. When you are involved in an emergency situation, let’s say your partner is having a heart attack or your home is being broken into,  who is really the first responder? I would suggest it’s you. In each of these examples you must make a decision quickly as to how you will respond. Will you call 911 and pray the EMT’s arrive in time to save the life of your loved one or will you start CPR then call 911? Do you hide in a closet, call 911 and hope the police arrive before your home is ransacked, your possessions are stolen or worse the intruder has killed you or someone in your family or do you defend your property?
We need to stop thinking of others as first responders and realize we are actually the people we have been waiting for. If you see yourself as the first responder in any emergency situation you might discover you view the world differently. You may actually find yourself becoming more self-sufficient. You’ll probably take the time to consider all your options and plan the best course of action should you find yourself in an unfamiliar and dangerous situation. You will discover that you are not helpless.
While listening to all the talk about gun control or gun safety as it is now being called, ask yourself are these people really concerned about me and my family or do they just want to control me? Are they really looking out for my safety or are they making me helpless?
If you haven’t done so yet, it is time to wake up!
Kyle Radenberg
Great Bend