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Ask if Orman will represent you
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Dear Editor,
The Democrat leadership insists that laws requiring voters to show identification disenfranchises many voters. But this same Democrat leadership has no problem yanking a candidate off the ballot and throwing its support behind a so-called Independent candidate, as they did when they persuaded Chad Taylor to drop out of the race for the U.S. Senate. How many voters who supported Taylor (53% of Kansas Democrats) actually wanted to vote for Greg Orman but didn’t know it? That decision was made for them by the Democrat leadership. You wanted to vote for Chad Taylor because you supported his policies? Too bad. The Democrat leadership has decided to take Taylor off the ballot and support an Independent candidate. Is that not disenfranchisement? Before you blindly vote for Greg Orman, as the Democrat leadership expects you to do  because thats what they want you to do make sure that you take a close look at what Orman stands for. And while you’re at it, ask yourself why and how the Democrat leadership persuaded Taylor (and not the Libertarian candidate, Randall Batson) to drop out of the race and why he was so willing to step aside. One has to believe that Taylor had a platform that he felt was good for Kansans and for the nation, and he felt that he could represent Kansas better in the Senate than Pat Roberts. Otherwise, why would he have been running for the office in the first place? The fact that he so willingly bowed to the will of the party rather than stand for the people he supposedly wanted to represent in Washington, D.C. frankly makes me question his motives as well. But most importantly, ask yourself whether Orman is running for the Senate in order to represent you, the voter, or to represent and kowtow to the Democrat Party.  
Sharon McGinness