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At the end, we will all meet God
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Dear Editor,
When we do something great, as when we get up in the morning, the sun is rising and birds singing, squirrels scurrying, a gentle breeze blowing, we look up at the sky, an amazing excel of colors and shapes, flowers of all colors, sizes and shapes for us to start a new day, no matter what’s going on in our lives, we all have this to appreciate every day.
Who’s responsible for these things?
God gave us this, daily, to enjoy.
But, we the people are denying our creator and His creation.
In our schools, we can’t mention God. Teachers may see where the kids need a prayer or a word, but no, don’t mention to kids, maybe who have been abandoned by their parents, if they could hear “God loves you.” No, teachers are scolded, don’t mention God, our Creator.
Kids who know and believe in God have been threatened with being expelled or even jail time.
In the jails, prisons, you’re told not ton mention God to the inmates where they need to hear the Word of God, that no matter what they’ve done, God still loves them and forgives.
In our stores at holiday time, employees are told, “Don’t say ‘Merry Christmas,’” say “Happy Holidays.” We can’t mention Jesus’ birthday. How would anyone reading this feel if no one said “happy birthday” to you, or act as though we don’t exist. This is how we’re treating our Creator.
We work in places where we’re supposed to be counseling people and we can’t mention Jesus or the Bible. Someone might be offended. We’ve been threatened we’d lose our jobs if we do.
Who cares who’d offended? I can’t shove Jesus under the run, as though He doesn’t exist. I am looking to the day I face our Creator of all those wonderful things that make my mornings good, no matter what’s going on in our lives. If gas goes up or food, etc., we still have these things to enjoy.
And tonight when the sun sets and the stars are out, the moon light night and gentle breezes, I challenge you to not think in your heart and say to yourself, “thank you God!” He’ll hear you.
At the end, I am looking forward to our Creator saying to me “Well done, good and faithful servant.”
Psalm 78:1-4
Pattie Sanders,
Great Bend