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Avoiding Increased Taxes
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Dear Editor,
Now that it appears the Fiscal Cliff negotiations have failed, many Americans are making year-end charitable gifts rather than allowing their assets to be taxed at potentially very high rates.
As you consider the charitable gifts you will make to close out the year, I ask you to please remember Star of Hope and our work on behalf of children across the world.
The current tax cuts are set to expire December 31 - next Monday. Even if some are renewed at the last minute, many others are likely to be lost. But if you make a year end gift to Star of Hope, not only will it allow us to continue helping the children we serve, but it may reduce your future tax liability.
(For those who would like to make a gift of stock or appreciated assets, please call our office at (866) 653-0321. We are ready to assist.)
Changes in the federal estate tax exemptions are sure to be made. You may reduce your taxable estate, and ensure that your assets are used as you wish, by making a contribution to Star of Hope by December 31st.
Your generosity helps enable children to grow into educated, healthy adults who contribute and participate in their communities and have heard the gospel clearly presented.
These are but a few examples of what we plan for the New Year;
Water wells in Haiti and Argentina
Replacement church buildings in Haiti and a new building in Argentina
Enhanced nutrition for our kids
Training and services to families caring for children with disabilities - Romania
Teacher training
Economic opportunities for people in Haiti and Argentina
I thank you for your continued generosity to our work and our cause.
God Bless you and Happy New Year
Barry W. Borror
President & CEO