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BCAC meeting
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Dear Editor,
A change is being proposed. Actually it is not “New & Improved” but a “Returning to our Roots” plan. You are invited (encouraged, even) to attend the Annual Barton County Arts Council (BCAC) meeting at 7 p.m. on Thursday, June 27 at the Arts Council building, 1401 Main St. in Great Bend. We’ll even provide the snacks.
What’s on the agenda? A small group of us have been meeting to discuss the future of the BCAC. We’d like to “Return to our Roots”. While researching the history, bylaws, and covenants of our organization, I learned that our founders designed the Council to be more of an Advocacy group. That’s the point I am proposing we go back to. The point where we serve as an advocate for the fine and performing arts and artists of Barton County. Where our role is to assist in supporting and promoting the arts, helping with grants, providing leadership, and acquainting our community with all the wonderful cultural events here in our home community.
Please plan to attend this meeting. Bring a friend (or two or three or more). The future of the arts in Barton can’t be sustained or grow without you. I am eager to present to you our action plan that I truly feel will get us back on track. Thanks!
Dr. Richard L. Abel, President
Barton County Arts Council