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Be careful what you ask for
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Dear editor,
The Democrats may get what they don’t want, a real investigation into the Russian conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels of the previous administration. To be fair there may be more smoke then fire, but the preponderance of that uranium tainted smoke is dense and the thousands of Russian dollars that flowed to the Clintons in one form or another is real.
High profile Democratic pundits have begun to back away from the Trump/Russian election interference angle as the investigation by special counsel Mueller appears to be winding down with only one or two minnows on the hook for unrelated matters. As all sane people knew Trump was right, fake news.
Fasten your seat-belts Democrats it may be a bumpy night as the investigation deepens into the sordid connection between Hillary Clinton and the malignant incompetence of the Obama administration visa vie our arch enemy Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

Gregory H. Bontrager