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Brownback has little regard for truth
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Dear Editor,
As a lifelong Republican, it pains me to watch what Sam Brownback is doing to our beloved state. During the past three and a half years, I have witnessed the decline of civil discourse in Kansas. And Sam Brownback has led this unfortunate shift, bringing Washington DC-style politics to the heartland. He and his allies have put politics before people over and over again, damaging our schools, our economy and the future of Kansas. It is time to say enough is enough.
It is clear that Gov. Brownback has very little regard for the truth. There are numerous examples of his misleading and manipulative statements.
Sam Brownback continues to tout that his administration turned an $876 balance into a large surplus – all the while that has been disproved by independent experts and the news media. In fact, when Sam Brownback took office there was $238 million in the bank, but the ending balance for this fiscal year is projected to be about $20 million. And independent researchers say that Kansas will be in debt over $1 billion in just a few short years.
Not only is Sam Brownback running our state into bankruptcy, he is damaging our state’s ability to attract new investments. In just over a year, two independent credit agencies have downgraded Kansas’ credit rating three times. They cited the Brownback experiment, the projected deficit, and “Kansas’ sluggish economic recovery.” Even during the Great Recession, Kansas maintained its top credit rating. It is clear the Governor’s fiscally irresponsible policies are not working.
With his dismal record, Sam Brownback is now working overtime to distract and mislead Kansans. He is trying to rewrite his own record, while attempting to make Kansans believe his opponent, Paul Davis, is someone he is not. I am supporting Paul Davis because I’ve worked with him and I know his character. He is a moderate, commonsense Kansan who will bring people together to solve the challenges we face. He has been endorsed by over 100 Republican leaders – and more are lending their support each day.
We deserve a governor who takes responsibility for his policies and is honest to the people of Kansas. That is not Sam Brownback. He is focused on his own political agenda, not the best interests of Kansas families.
We need to get our state back on the right track, and that means electing a new governor. Join me in supporting Paul Davis for Governor on November 4.
Senator Steve Morris