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Cast ballot for Alan LaPolice
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Dear Editor,
On Aug. 5, we in the first Congressional district of Kansas have a choice to start participating in self-government.
In the past four years, we in the first district, through the actions of Representative Tim Huelskamp, sponsored 26 bills, none of which became law. We cosponsored 437 bills, only seven of which became law; five not counting service awards and commemorative coins. We have spent our time and effort establishing a media image declaring all that is wrong in our federal government agencies. And we have not sponsored one law to make a single improvement.
As a candidate forum, Alan LaPolice, candidate for the Republican nomination for the first Congressional district, made the following statement:
I read of this thing that used to happen; it was called congressional oversight. Back in the day, Congress had authority over all of these agencies. When a leader in an agency went awry or afoul of the law or their limits, they were brought before a congressional oversight committee. That committee... could tell them what their job was and what their job was not. That doesn’t happen anymore because many members of our House are too busy infighting, he said. Theres not real accountability in the House, so theres no accountability at the (federal agencies). My role would be to restore the order, restore the balance of power and be their boss.
Let’s stop making media campaigns and start making laws to fix our problems. I urge voters to cast their ballot for Alan LaPolice as the Republican nominee for the first Congressional district of Kansas.
John Sturn