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Cast ballot in November election
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Dear Editor,
When you vote in the November election and mark the section of the ballot on whether to retain judges who serve on the Kansas Supreme Court, you will be voting on much more than whether to retain Kansas Supreme Court Judges. You will be voting on whether you want Governor Brownback and his followers in the Kansas Legislature to have complete control of Kansas government. For the past several years, they have controlled the executive and legislative branches of government. During this time they have bankrupted the state of Kansas, failed to protect our most vulnerable citizens, attempted to deny eligible citizens the right to vote, and underfunded education. The judges have ruled against some of their attempts, so the governor and some legislators want to replace them.
The League of Women Voters believes that government at both the national and state level should consist of three strong and independent branches of government: executive, legislative, and judicial. Our founding fathers established the three branches of government so that they could act as a system of checks and balances on one another.
Please remember to study the candidates and issues and to cast your ballot in the November election.
Jari Marietta
President League of Women Voters of Great Bend