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Change in the way school boards are elected
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Dear Editor,
There are currently bills in the Kansas House and Senate that would change the way school boards are elected. This is simply a legislative fix to a problem that does not exist. The current process keeps attention and emphasis on local issues, and ensures boards of education remain among the most accountable to their electorate of any elected officials. Boards of education are the only true volunteer leadership at the local level and the only ones who serve without compensation.
The current system is devoid of divisive partisan politics and allows for the governance of our public schools by a community of individuals, not one party or the other. We see this as an attempt to usurp local governance and have outlined a number of troubling issues with this legislation.
However, in spite of testimony presented by numerous opponents, including KASB board members and staff, these bills remain active. This issue clearly needs more discussion and study. There are often unintended consequences with hasty decisions, and the governance of our public schools is far too important to change on the strength of a few narrow arguments.
Frank Henderson Jr.
KASB President
Board of Education
Seaman USD 345