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Christianity is believing in a person not participating in a religion
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Dear Editor,
Every religion that has ever been established by man is rooted in one of these three areas. They are based upon thinking, feeling or doing.
Religions based upon thinking teach you the keys to unlock the mysteries of life. To gain these keys you must master a certain set of ideas and philosophies then, according to the establisher of the religion, you will be able to manipulate yourself to the top of the mountain and understand who God really is.
Thinking systems are rooted in words. These words convey or reveal the thoughts from one mind to another so others can know for themselves the keys to unlock these great mysteries.
Religions based upon feelings and emotions attempt to engage the initiate with the mystical. The initiate is taught to stretch out their inner feelings toward the object of their appeal. They’re led to thrive for an experience that will define all of life through this emotional journey.
Systems rooted in feelings are in search of that experiential moment in life that will define all of life through the experience.
Religions based upon doing, hold people to a certain way of life. They are taught that putting the principles into practice and following a set example will bring the disciple into harmony with the deity.
Systems rooted in doing ask the question, What must I do, or what must be accomplished to satisfy that which God requires?
All these religions have founders, doctrines and disciples. They are all seeking and searching for a pathway to God that will satisfy the participants own desired outcome. The participant chooses the path of thinking, feeling or doing because in their desired journey they find their personal fulfillment.
Christianity offers all three wrapped in the person of Jesus Christ.
Jesus tells us that He is the truth. Jesus is said to be the Word. Not an abstract communication but a revelation from God in and through the person of Christ. Jesus satisfies the thinker.
Jesus tells us that He is the life. In Christ is life. If you dont know Christ you don’t know life. Coming to know Christ is the very moment of knowing life itself. Jesus satisfies the emotional experience.
Jesus tells us that He is the way. The work that satisfies God is for us to believe in the One He sent.
Asking God what I must do in essence is looking for a way to live life before God. Jesus satisfies the worker by telling him to live believing that He is.
People have a tendency to believe that Christianity is a way of telling bad people how to be good. Actually it is bringing a person that is dead to God back to a true life in God though Christ Jesus.
Jesus settles it all when he says, I AM the way, the truth and the life. See, Christianity is not rooted in thinking, feeling or doing. Christianity is rooted in being. We become one with Christ, who is the person of God, when we enter into a personal relationship with Him through His work at the cross on our behalf.
You can remove the founder from any system of religion and they will all stand except for Christianity. If you remove Christ from Christianity there is nothing left because He is the way, the truth and the life. This is why the Apostle Paul writes I know whom I have believed, and am convinced. Christianity is believing in a person not participating in a religion.
Pastor Thomas R. Swain
First Church of God
Great Bend