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Christians need to understand
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Dear Editor,
As we head into the general election in November, we, the Christians, need to understand what is really going on in our midst.
I firmly believe, due to what I read in the Scriptures, that God has us in a no win situation because we will not repent of our ways and turn back to Him. Its time we quit seeking men for our salvation.
Brannon Howse has recently released a book that highlights nine points that we, as Christians, should be aware of. I will expand on a few of his points.
The first point is how we are more interested in family values over Biblical Doctrine. Family values are not a bad thing. But Biblical doctrine is of utmost importance. If we are not right with God, family values are not going to save us.
The second point is moralizing over evangelizing. We are quick to try and tell people how to live morally but we fail when it comes to leading them to the Lord for a life transformation. The Holy Spirit in a person can do far more than a bunch of moralists trying to force laws upon people.
The third point has to do with our desire for prosperity over sacrifice. With book titles like Have Your Best Life Now and many others like it being marketed, many people dont realize that the Christian life is not a life of getting but giving. Its not a life of receiving but loving others more than self. Its about laying down the self and taking up the cross of Christ to reach people with a message of salvation.
The fourth point is Christian activism over Biblical discipleship. This point starts with self. We are trying to moralize the unsaved so we can have nicer communities for our own personal comfort. Instead of trying to get active trying to make the immoral moral we need to preach and teach the Gospel so God can transform them into new creations in Him.
Point five is compromise over commitment. If I havent irritated you yet, get ready. We are joining hands with anyone and any organization that seems to promise power or a heightened position. If we lose our commitment to Christ just to achieve, lets say, political positioning, what are we really about. Christ is the answer to our problems.
Point six is placing the flag over the cross. We are quick to chant the American way and leave the cross behind. Without the cross the American way is going to fail. If we dont have another great awakening that draws people to God through Christ Jesus this nation is going to fall with a mighty crash.
Point seven is lifting the White House above the church house. We are more interested in our desired candidate being elected while our neighbors are dying daily without knowledge of the salvation that the Lord offers them. What do we really believe?
And the final point sums up all the rest. We are working so hard to build an earthly kingdom when Jesus said, My kingdom is not of this world. The world we know is coming to nothing. Salvation is into the kingdom of God.
Personally I’d rather see people saved by faith through Gods grace than seeing this nation survive. God is in control. He is allowing the demise of our nation to draw people unto Himself. If His servants dont realize what is happening we will be spending a great amount of money, time  and energy fighting against God.
God has called the Christian to go into all the world, this includes the United States, and make disciples baptizing them or immersing them into the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
I pray we, the Christians, heed this message.
Pastor Thomas R. Swain
First Church of God
Great Bend