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Chuck will be missed
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I felt a need to write this letter to the editor about Chuck Smith. Chuck was a proud member of GBHS class of 1973. Now I know this is not going to be like anything Chuck would write but I will take a shot. Our Class of 73 has the regular members who are doctors, dentists and business owners. But Chuck touched probably more lives than any of us. You could find Chuck in the Great Bend Tribune almost daily and whether you agreed with the topic he was covering or not you read the article he wrote.
To give you an idea of what true talent Chuck Smith had, he could make everyday items interesting. I don’t know all the articles he wrote to many to keep track of but he could write about a sewer and you read that article to the end and were really entertained.
Chuck will always be remembered by me as the hats he wore. I always thought he should have a little sign in his hat band that said Press. That would have fit him perfectly. As a matter of fact when I worked at the fire department we made that very sign for him. He
wore it until he was out of the fire station. But he could have worn it all day every day and nobody would have said anything. Then he could have wrote an article about it and kept the interest of everyone.
Finally I would like to say Chuck really cared about the Tribune, the City of Great Bend, and Kansas. He will be missed more than anyone will ever know. Rest in Peace Chuck.

Ed Sander
Great Bend