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Citizens of Great Bend deserve the best
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Dear Editor,
As I write this letter, I think about what sort of Mayor does the City of Great Bend, the citizens of Great Bend, and the businesses deserve. And as a new City Council member I have had the privilege of interacting and working with both individuals seeking the office in a short amount of time. The longer I am on the Council the more I am disturbed by the actions, comments, and thought processes of one individual running for Mayor. Ask ourselves, do we want a positive productive mayor or negative counterproductive mayor? Do we want an optimistic, progressive cup half full mayor or do we want a pessimistic cup half empty mayor? Do you want a mayor that has given us results, or do you want a mayor with a track record of constant attacks, constantly putting out false or misinformation, which is very misleading to the public. Both candidates have some positive attributes, but there are some definite differences that make the choice very clear and very easy. Mayor Mike Allison fits the bill in answering all the questions above, as I have found out since being on City Council.
The false information has to stop, or at least should be backed up by solid data and facts rather than words from a mouth. The City has in fact grown, according to the census. Check the data. In terms of the constant statement on holding wages down, check the data on it as well. Here are 3 reputable, accurate websites to do so. Great Bend and Barton County are well above over 50% of our competitors. Hard, facts, and data, not just a mouth. The answer is in the data. Shows exactly how we stack up. In terms of growth of Great Bend, check the data in terms of tax collections. In 2012, we collected the record high amount of tax monies ever, in the history of Great Bend. Ever. Answers are found in data. Hard facts and data. That is what we all deserve. That is what the people deserve. Back up statements with data and hard facts. Not just accusations, not just thoughts, feelings, or gossip. The citizens of Great Bend deserve the best, the facts, cooperative collaboration, a positive vision, a glass half full attitude and thought process, and quality leadership to ensure continued growth and successes. Sure, are there things that could be done differently, done better , improved upon, or not even done at all. Yes. But this choice is very clear. Mike Allison is the best choice. Vote Mike Allison. Get out and Vote!!
“Positive anything is better than negative nothing.” Elbert Hubbard.
“In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.” Dalai Lama

Nels Lindberg
Great Bend