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City of Great Bend Cent Sales Tax
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Dear Editor,
The City of Great Bend is seeking a 10-year renewal of its half-cent sales tax to continue to make impact on city improvements.
The proposition will be on the April 1 election ballot. Early voting has already begun and the tax, if approved, would greatly help the City of Great Bend. And here is why:
First, this is NOT a new Sales Tax, this would NOT raise our sales tax. Compared to other surrounding and comparable cities Great Bend is one of the lowest.
Second, the tax revenue is broken up and shared with 35% funding the property tax reduction, 45% on Infrastructure which includes updates to Fire Equipment and Street Improvements and the other 20% goes to Economic Development Incentive Fund which helps retain and create employment for various businesses. Did I mention this renewal would NOT result in an increase in current sales tax!
Last, this money has funded several different wonderful programs and projects in this great city. I watch as JobFest, June Jaunt, Renaissance Faire, Party in the Park and MANY OTHER activities get help financially from these funds.
Again, it will NOT increase the sales tax we already pay. This is the tax that hits across the board for anyone who makes purchases in Great Bend and we have the ability to utilize this money and make a difference. So be sure to get out and vote YES to approve the renewal of the City ½ cent Sales tax on April 1st.
Christina Hayes
Community Coordinator
City of Great Bend