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Community mourning more than loss of store
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Dear Editor,
With the impending closure of Dillon’s #11 in St. John, I know the community is already mourning the loss of something more than just a large corporate store. They are mourning the loss of one of the cornerstones of their community. One that holds so many special memories for them and their families.
For me, it was the only grocery store that I remember growing up with. The place my mom would go and spend what seemed like hours doing her shopping, which I now know took so long because she had lengthy conversations with everyone she saw there, staff and costumers alike. It is also the place I worked at while going to high school and through my freshman year in college. The place my husband of almost 25 years picked me up for our first date after meeting me at an event I attended with a coworker in another town.
Dillon’s #11 was the epitome of small town living! The place a frail home-bound, elderly couple could have their middle-aged special needs son walk across town to with a list and a blank check, and know that he would be able to receive help from the store staff to procure groceries to take back home to his parents, without worrying about anyone taking advantage of them. A place I was proud to say, “That’s my Dillon’s!”
So, when Dillon’s #11 closes on Friday, Feb. 5, for the final time, I know the community will be forever changed, as they adapt to life without that cornerstone! I hope and pray my former hometown will weather this change with minimal negative long-term side effects.
Cathie Haberman
Great Bend