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Concert brought back great memories, made new ones
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Dear Editors:
There are just not enough superlatives to do justice to the NOTABLES who honored Great Bend with ultimate high energy music last Thursday night.
They were just nothing less than perfect.
In absorbing their inspirational concert, I was reminded of the Johnny Mercer World War II classic: “You Gotta Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative.”
Have we ever lived through a time when positivity is so needed?
And this is just what this astonishing group provided with their great music.
A local retired band director handed me a note about this concert: “Oh my-these kids are scary, they play so well, and with so much emotion.”
Good evening for nostalgia, too.
Great to hear the expression Big Band Era, and then-hear this music.
Yet this amazing group of artists was versatile: a touch of Elvis, and a hint of Woodstock. Even the weather turned out to be great.
The crowd was the most I have seen in Jack Kilby Square in years.
And all the Notables delivered with the atomic enthusiasm, wholesomeness, and vitality that only youth, plus talent can communicate.
Yet exciting and permeating also, the NOTEABLES brought to us a great feeling of security and respect-knowing that everyone in the band was also trained to protect and keep us from harm because their entire roster could be deployed on a moment’s notice to defend this great country.
What a superb communicating tool of the U.S. Air Force.
What a masterful way to recruit.
What pride of country they imparted, a true rejuvenation!
Appreciated also was their musical salute to the four branches of military service. Just a very moving and sentimental experience that enveloped us all.
And thanks to the Tribune for bringing to us such a never-to-be- forgotten cosmic/delightful/patriotic evening here in Great Bend.
Come back soon.
Glen Opie,
World War II Vet,
Great Bend