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Confused about candidates
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Dear Editor,
I have listened to the comments made by the Sheriff candidates and have also seen the campaign advertising in the paper. I have to say I am a little confused about two of the candidate’s comments.
Sheriff Armstrong states that he has an “open-door” policy at his office. Mr. Bellendir comments that fighting drugs is his number “ONE” priority, (IF elected Sheriff). What puzzles me is the fact that Mr. Bellendir has worked for Sheriff Armstrong for the past 3 1/2 years, so why is this not his priority NOW?
The door should be “open” to the Sheriff, all a true “team player” should have to do is give a plan of action on promoting the drug interdiction. Mr. Bellendir comments that he is the ONLY one that has this training on drug enforcement so why isn’t he doing it now or why has he not done it for the past 3 1/2 years? A team player in my eyes is someone who wants to work together to make improvements to the department as a whole. Maybe this is just a Me, Myself and I idea for campaigning purposes. I guess it will be up to the Republican voters to take a hard look at the comments being printed and what is being said to try to figure out what’s wrong with this picture.
Warren Shirer