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Continue to honor soliders this year
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Dear Editor,
Great Bend Military Moms are planning the next shipment of care packages for those military men and women who are currently serving in the Iraq and Afghanistan areas. If you know any of these brave soldiers, please get their military address to me as soon as possible. We don’t care who they are or where they are from. They all deserve to know they are loved and appreciated for the sacrifices they are making every day in the fight for freedom around this world. The addresses will be kept confidential, and will only be used for this purpose.
Through the wonderful and gracious financial support of people in this community, our group has now sent more than 3,200 care packages to soldiers serving in war zones, since November, 2003. Each box costs about $50 to purchase and ship. These care packages are loaded with an assortment of items ranging from food, snacks, candy, games, DVDs, CDs, books, toys, drink mixes, batteries, many personal care items, and loads of love and support from home.
If it will put a smile on a soldier’s face, make deployed life better, and we can afford it — we try to include it! Also enclosed in each box, is a letter of appreciation followed by a very long list containing the names of all contributors to this project. The first paragraph reads: “We appreciate you! We want to thank you for your commitment to the United States of America. There are no words to express our appreciation for the dedication and sacrifices you make every day, to protect the very freedoms we enjoy as American citizens. These gifts were made possible by the following people and organizations from Great Bend and surrounding central Kansas communities. We thank you for everything you do for all of us!”
We also send many extra care packages to several chaplains of units, who then distribute the boxes to those receiving nothing from home. That is truly heart-breaking to think about — especially during the Christmas season.
For more information, to give an address, or to make a financial donation to the cause, please contact me. I never dreamed that this project could still exist. To all of you that have made it possible — a simple thank you just does not say enough. You helped put a smile on the face of a soldier.
Until they are all home...
Leslie Barrett,
Great Bend Military Moms,
American Legion Gift Fund,
P.O. Box 432,
Great Bend, Ks. 67530,