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Deaths in oil patch
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Dear Editor,
We had a tragedy in our community this week with the deaths of two of our local citizens in the oil patch. The Hazmat team is terrific and so very helpful. I did not know much about hydrogen sulfide gas except from my chemistry days in college. They knew lots about that gas. The oil patch is a wonderful/terrible thing. We see too many accidents with death and injuries. It put Bob Dole, Arlen Specter, and probably Jerry Moran in public office where they represent us very well. It has injured and killed seemingly as a price for the financial reward that comes with the black gold. Hydrogen sulfide is heavier than air and settles in low-lying or contained areas. It is so deadly. That odor will live in my memory forever. It is a honor for Dr. Bill King and myself to assist Dr. Jones in the business of county coroner. I hope everyone knows and respects the skills and goodness of our county sheriff’s department and the first responders. ambulance and fire departments who risk their lives in situations like this. They encounter the horror of trauma and death on a daily basis with efficiency, skill and concern. Thank them every time you see them. They are heroes and will die for you as we saw in the fires of Arizona. Not many people will do that.
Dan Witt