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Don't let big money sway election
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Dear Editor,
Next month monumental decisions will be made at the polling places.
In the First Congressional District we have three choices. Let me say that I have been a Republican all my life and voted in every election since the mid ‘60s. We have said we don’t want career legislators in office, but in the primary we elected one, Tim Huelskamp.
I cannot vote for him, he showed no leadership in the Kansas Senate, he did nothing to solve the school finance problem, and he says he is for term limits.
As for term limits he has not said publicly, as Sam Brownback did, how many terms he will serve.
He did nothing to solve school finance problem how can he solve our national problems?
I for one will look seriously at the alternatives for First District Congressman.
I hope you will overlook the big money and look at the non-career politician candidates.
Errol G. Wertz, Sr.,