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Due process is only right
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Dear Editor,
Taxpayers expect law enforcement to sniff out crime regardless of where the smell is coming from. It was very courageous of Chief Couch to come forward with his concerns. Voters expect people elected to be equally vigilant in protecting the interests of their constituents. The mayor and the five council members failed to do their elected duty. There is no one above reproach.
There should have been an investigation instead of the suspension of Chief Couch. Further troubling is the administrator being put in charge of the police department according to the “employee handbook” that was probably written by Mr. Partington to favor himself. This clearly looks like a conflict of interest and should have been referred to another entity.
The truth needs to be revealed regardless who is proved to be at fault in order to protect democracy. Taxpayers and voters need to be more knowledgeable and attend meetings to see if those they elected are doing what is expected of them. And they should be allowed to speak out at the meetings. That is only right.

Velma Kraft
Great Bend