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EPA proposal
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Dear Editor,
The Obama administration is at it again with their regulatory stranglehold on our economy. This time, they are targeting bodies of water, no matter how small, like farm ponds and dry creek beds.
The EPA wants to expand the definition of “navigable waters” to further regulate what you can do on your private property. Without federally approved permits, fines could reach $37,000 a day for non-compliance.
I am pushing back hard against this stupid regulation, and we are winning. The EPA expanded the comment period for the proposal because of the sheer volume of comments already sent in.
This is how we killed proposed IRS regulations to limit free speech. Senator Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) and I introduced a bill to block the rules. The IRS received so many negative comments, they scraped the idea altogether.
With the partnership of Kansans, and with commonsense, we can prevail over the EPA too. To weigh in, visit:
U.S. Senator Pat Roberts (R-Kan.)