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Gary Parr shares name
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Dear Editor,
Community of Great Bend:
This is Gary W. Parr, owner of Parr Sound and Lighting and I have recently been made aware of a letter to the editor published on March 1st regarding the school incident and also a post on the GB Tribune’s Facebook page made by an individual named Gary Parr. I understand he has the right to express his opinions, I just find it very unfortunate that we share the same name and that is my only connection to him.
Due to the fact, that I have been an active member of this community for many years, I know many people have thought those were my opinions as they did not realize that there was another individual named Gary Parr. It does make me angry that he feels it necessary to make his opinions known in such a disrespectful way.
I am a Great Bend native, raised my children here, and own a successful business. I love this community and respect the hard work that goes into making this a great place to live. I believe the leadership of the city continually strives to maintain a high standard of living here. The school district does an excellent job of ensuring that our children have great schools to attend and the ability to receive a quality education. The Tribune staff works above and beyond to keep us abreast of the daily happenings and news in the community.
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to “clear my name” and I want the community of Great Bend to be assured that I do not find it necessary to disrespect someone in a letter to the editor or in a post on Facebook. I can only hope and pray that the other Gary Parr would have the same courtesy!
Gary W. Parr
Parr Sound and Lighting