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GBZS expresses appreciation
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Dear Editor,
On behalf of the membership of the Great Bend Zoological Society, we would like to express our deep appreciation to everyone in Great Bend and the surrounding communities for their continued interest in, and support of the Great Bend-Brit Spaugh Zoo. Our little zoo is very unique as one of only a handful of free zoos in the entire United States. Maintenance of our animals and facility, and salaries for our zoo personnel are financed by tax dollars, supplemented by donations from friends of the zoo. Visitors have never been charged to enter and enjoy our facility.
Animal care is the top priority. Their safety, comfort, nutrition, enrichment, and medical needs come first. The animals are under the care of two veterinarians who are on call 24/7, and visit onsite weekly to monitor the health of the entire zoo population. Our animals each have sheltered places where they can take refuge from weather and temperature extremes when, and if, they choose. This is why sometimes they are not clearly visible in their enclosures on these hot summer days.
Our zoo keepers are dedicated professionals who truly love working with animals. They offer education programs to community groups and are delighted to introduce visitors to our zoo population. Please feel free to ask them questions about their work any time you are visiting.
A huge “thank you” goes to the city crews who have been working diligently this summer on the big jobs, such as removing overgrown shrubs and dying trees on the zoo grounds. They keep the open spaces nicely mowed and trimmed. More work is scheduled, so watch for changes and improvements.
Special thanks goes to the community service workers and many faithful volunteers- critter food preparers, gardeners and grounds keepers- who help with the countess little jobs that need attention in our busy zoo.
The Great Bend Zoological Society Board of Directors
Sarah Shirer, GBZS secretary pro-temp