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He should wear the issued clothing
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Dear Editor,
I, as a resident of Great Bend, would also like to know why Mr. Longoria is allowed to wear a suit and/or a tie to his court hearings?
I also ask the question of, do we the citizens and or residents of Great Bend, pay to house Mr. Longoria in the Sedgewick County Jail?
If this is so, is this part of their county procedure to prepare all incarcerated persons in this manner?
I do believe, like many other people, not just Great Bend residents, believe Mr. Longoria have to appear at every hearing in his jail issued suit that was issued when a person is incarcerated for a crime.
After all, Mr. Longoria is a person of interest is incarcerated and is being treated like he is an important person in a suit and or tie.
Did the state or the residents pay or are they paying for Mr. Longoria to show up to his hearings in this suit and or tie?
Mr. Longoria was arrested and issued inmate clothing and I believe he should have to show up for his hearings in those jail issued clothing as would any person whom is brought from jail to any courthouse for their court hearing.
Don’t you?
Maxine Wilkinson,
Great Bend