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Hockett is a good choice for Larned mayor
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Dear Editor,
We read an open letter from Lee Hockett, candidate for mayor of Larned in an area paper. He strikes chords of interest regarding our city of Larned for which we should all have a great concern: Loss of population, expenditure of money for economic development, rising utility rates and property taxes, lack of information to the public when financial decisions are made.
Historically our recollection about Larned is that it is a city of about 5,000 population. We’ve lived here since 1960 and the question is — where are the people?
It also raises other questions; what happened to the sources of employment that existed? We know businesses have disappeared, stores closed, and service industries closed or moved, eg. radio station, laundry and dry cleaning, dairy, hatchery, filling stations, just to name a few.
Obviously the negative conditions which affect us all could be turned around with more people, businesses and industry coming to Larned.
Lee Hockett is the kind of individual that will work to make that happen.
We’ve known Lee and his wife, Leona, for 19 years when they moved in as our neighbors. In that time we’ve seen them both work very hard to upgrade their own property. We’ve also seen and have benefited from their cleaning up properties in our immediate area. Lee is industrious in spite of his physical limitations.
We know if you talk to Lee and need information he will be prompt to get back to you with answers. You can trust him as a neighbor, friend or government official.
He understands the laws and processes of administration. Mr. Hockett has always made it a practice to attend the Larned City Council meetings, in fact his attendance may be more consistent than some of the current council members.
He is certainly very well informed on all current matters pertaining to our city government.
Lee is very knowledgeable in the fundamentals of government and legalities. His expertise will be very helpful to Larned.
Lee is an avid supporter of the beautification of our city. You can put your confidence in the future of Larned if Lee Hockett is elected.
We encourage your support in this election and urge you to vote for him Tuesday for a more beautiful and growing city of Larned.
Urban and Ardella Gathman,