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Holmes has served with integrity
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Dear Editor,
This letter is in support of Mitch Holmes, Republican candidate for Senate district 33.
 In The Hutchinson News article of July 22nd, 2012, “GOP FACE-OFF” Ruth Teichman’s response to personal information listed her occupation as “Farmer”. She usually is “Banker/Farmer” since she and her family own several banks. Senate District 33 is primarily rural, now she is a “Farmer”.
On ObamaCare, the Kansas Chamber supports meaningful health care reform aimed at lowering the overall cost of health care so it is more affordable for employers and will encourage policies that:
 “Oppose government competition with the private market
 Oppose mandated employer-based coverage or payment. . . .”
Ruth Teichman voted AGAINST HCR 5007, the House of Representatives bill to authorize Kansas to determine it’s health care policies, opposing ObamaCare. Mitch Holmes not only voted for this legislation but co-sponsor the bill. Voting to refer the bill back to the Judiciary Committee was defeated with Senator Ralph Ostmeyer voting to, but Senator Teichman voting not to after the senate had defeated the measure. On the senate side, Senator Ralph Ostmeyer sponsored the senate version, SB167 “Enacting the health care freedom act” which was referred to the “Financial Institutions and Insurance” committee, where Senator Teichman allowed it to die.
(Source of information: www.kslegislator: click on Find Your Legislator, then type in their name, click on their name, scroll through the bills finding the bill, click on it to show the status. Search further to see who sponsored and who voted for or against.)
 Senator Teichman, as the “Chair” of the “Financial Institutions and Insurance” committee of the Senate was instrumental in creating and getting legislation passed in 2008 limiting the membership and growth of credit unions. Credit Unions are a financial cooperative serving people of all financial needs with rates and terms that benefit its member/owners. A short time later, her family opened another new bank in Hutchinson Kansas. If we can limit the growth of a perceived competitor, we are more likely to succeed financially. Credit Unions have only five percent (5 %) of the business in the state of Kansas, but are a perceived threat. As a member of a financial cooperative, any excess profits are returned to the owner/members, not the coffers of bank owners, i.e., Ruth Teichman. (Source: SB535 in 2008)
Senator Teichman is quoted as saying “In all four of my races, I’ve run against Republicans,”. Now just as a point of contention, does that mean the Democrats like her and her voting record? Is she really representing the Republican party? If you are still in doubt, go to your computer and Google “Mitch Holmes”, click on the link “”: Notice that Ruth Teichman’s record is with all the Democrats. (Hutchinson News dated July 22nd, 2012 and the above web site for Mitch Holmes)
Another point of contention is Senator’s Teichman’s voting record on Abortions and late term Abortions. A good source is Kansans for Life.
I urge you to vote for “Mitch Holmes”, Republican, August 7th 2012. Mitch is the current Representative for Kansas House of Representative district 114. He has been in Topeka representing some of the new Senate District 33 with integrity and in a responsible manner for eight years. He deserves the vote of every Republican as a candidate for the new Senate district 33: Pratt, Kiowa, Stafford, Pawnee, Edwards, Barton, Rush, Ness, Lane, Scott and part of Hodgeman Counties. Please verify yourself the accuracy of information in this letter.
Roy Doonan
Great Bend