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Huelskamp is a keeper
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Dear Editor,
Tim Huelskamp is one incumbent worth keeping. Huelskamp will not be bought, bribed, bullied, coerced, or influenced by the established elite or the purchased power of Washington DC. They have tried. They have failed.
Roger Marshall was handpicked to remove Huelskamp from Congress for Tim’s refusal to align himself with the corruption in DC. Marshall claims that he is a Conservative. Really? So why would he run against our most constitutionally conservative Kansas leader Tim Huelskamp? Marshall tells us he’s running so he can reach across the aisle, compromise and “get along.” After all of the “getting along” for the last 30 years, is this the America you want to leave for your children and grandchildren? Soaring debt, foolish spending, and the erosion of our rights? “Getting along” in DC often requires selling your soul, diluting your faith, and pacifying your principles. Think about what the countless men and women have fought and died for to protect. Tim Huelskamp has worked tirelessly to stand for those conservative principles, and he will continue to work to prevent the decline and the destruction of this nation. Congressman Tim Huelskamp is a “keeper,” and he is a faithful servant to people of the “Big First District.” Vote Tim Huelskamp on Aug. 2nd.
Paula Carr