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Israel column should be rethought
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Dear Editor,
I am writing in response to Frank Clark’s article “Denial of Israel is costing America” in the Feb. 4 edition of the Great Bend Tribune.
His opinion based on Genesis 12:3 and a list of “factual evidence” from the book “Israel:The Blessing or the Curse” highlights a trend in Christianity that I find troubling.
The idea that God’s wrath is directed at people because of their choices is, I think Mr. Clark will recall, an Old Testament notion that Jesus tried to do away with during his ministry.
Jesus consistently called out the ultra-religious, stick to the scriptures Pharisees on their worldview.
It seems incredible to me that God would blindly support Israel or any nation no matter what actions, just or unjust, that nation has made against any others.
It seems incredible that God would expect any of us to turn a blind eye to the suffering of any people, whether they be Palestinian or Israeli.
I would implore Mr. Clark and all people to carefully consider and listen to the voices from each side of any conflict, and to realize that the blind support of one side to the detriment and oppression of another never brings us closer to understanding the heart of God.
Michelle Quandt,
Pawnee Rock