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It would be funny if it weren't so serious
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Dear Editor,
Oh, the drama!
Imagine a president addressing a joint session of Congress.
I think wars are declared with this calling of Congress into joint session.
Heaven help us. Obama is going to give yet another speech in a few days about his plan for unemployment.
Where’s he been the past two years?
I don’t believe that the federal government can create jobs in this country, except by getting out of the way of business entrepreneurship or by the method recently tried of TARP money thrown at the problem.
Of course the TARP method can actually work as noted in the creation of several hundred new $30,000/year positions (government employees, union membership required) at a cost to the taxpayers of about $90,000 per job!
And they claim that was a bargain!
The conundrum is to watch or not to watch the speech in a few days.
Getting through yet another Obama speech, about something of which he knows absolutely nothing, boggles the mind.
I think I’ll wait and get the Fox news version and just for kicks flip over to watch Rachel Madcow on MessNBC explode at Republicans for belittling her hero!
The whole process is getting hilariously funny and would be a real knee slapper if it weren’t for the fact that we are dealing with American lives, livelihoods and our children’s futures.
Let’s be sure to “unelect” Obama!
William C. Schneider,
Great Bend