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It's great to be back in the heartland
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Dear Editor,
May 22 was undoubtedly a wonderful day for the Great Bend High School Class of 2011.
It was also an amazing day for our family.
Not only did we get to watch our daughter, Sophia, graduate amongst her friends, we also witnessed something that reminded us why we love our little town of Great Bend and its people so much.
Tim Friess, principal of Great Bend High School, gave an incredible speech to the graduates and stated that it was inspired by his favorite book; the Bible.
A man who helps to shape our children every day lives in faith and isn’t afraid to speak of it in front of thousands! Living on the East Coast for several years, we watched as religion was being drained from our schools, our children and our lives.
We are so grateful to live again in Great Bend, where our favorite book can inspire us all both publicly and privately without repercussions.
Thanks, Tim, for the reminder!
Jim and Dana McVay,
Great Bend