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It's hard not to hear
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Dear Editor,
How to talk to a hard-of-hearing person:
It’s not hard to spot them. They are the ones with either an intent look on their face (trying to catch every word that’s being said) or an indifferent look (feeling left out).
When you know the person cannot hear well, talk to them (not at them) face to face. May eye contact. And for Heaven’s sake, if they ask you to repeat, please do, and a little louder, too. And never, never say, “oh, never mind” and walk away.
If anyone is curious about what it is like to not hear well, take cotton and stuff it in your ears so far in that it has to be surgically removed and keep it there all day as you go to work, church, everywhere and see how it sounds.
Please excuse me for taking up space but this is for everyone (including me) that can’t hear well. Been wanting to write this for years!
Myrna Wood,
Great Bend