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It's not fair
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Dear Editor,
It’s been 10 years since Damian Thompson and Sidney Gleason “unforgettably” took the lives of Darren Wornkey and Mikiala Martinez. In one instant they were taken away from us, never to be heard from again. They didn’t ask to die, but Gleason and Thompson chose for them to die. They pulled the triggers that ended Darren and Miki’s lives. They did this crime without having any feelings then and now. Darren and Miki had everything to live for; they had to beautiful kids that now have no father and mother and their grandparents have to raise them for the rest of their lives. It’s just not fair to Darren and Miki and those that loved them so dearly.
Now the system is rubbing it in our faces again by giving Gleason another chance at life by taking the death penalty away that was given to him fairly by a jury of his peers.
How is that fair to Darren and Miki and those that love them?
It was the system that allowed these murders to happen in the first place by letting Gleason out of prison when he should have never been allowed to be let out. So now the system wants us to pay to keep Gleason alive.
It’ s not fair
James R. Martinez
Great Bend