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It's time for the gossip to stop
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Dear Editor,
I am writing to say thank you to the Tribune and specifically Dale Hogg.
In Friday’s paper he wrote a great editorial about gossip and what it takes to get your name in the newspaper.
Having served in public office and putting myself in the public eye I have had my name in the newspaper on several occasions, not always with someone singing my praises.
In fact many of the things written about me in the editorial letters of the Tribune have been blatant lies.
During a difficult time for me, as a public official the Tribune was always fair.
They reported the facts.
While they never had the whole story there was no speculation on their part. They gave me every opportunity to tell my side of the story and while I chose not to engage in a back and forth with the county commission, I was given the opportunity to tell my side of the story if I wanted to do so.
For those people that choose to participate in gossip — have you never heard of the Golden Rule?
Have you stopped long enough to consider the family and close friends of the person you so ruthlessly gossip about?
While some of our neighbors may find it titillating to speculate and spread gossip, I for one find it deplorable.
You should be ashamed of yourselves.
I am not always pleased with what I read in the Tribune, but news is news.
Facts are facts, and I congratulate our local paper for not engaging in the trash that so many in today’s world consider “news.”
If and when there is a news story to report I have faith the paper will do so.
Until then, all you gossip mongers might take a long hard look at yourselves before you throw that next stone.
Kyle Radenberg,
Great Bend