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Johnson has sense of duty to community
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Judge candidate Steve Johnson and I graduated the same year from law school--1985.  During my 25 years of practicing law in Great Bend, I have had many cases where Steve was involved as opposing counsel.
Steve has integrity. He’s a good person. He is very even-tempered, and patient and wise. He is always prepared, and knows what cases or statutes apply in a given case.
In addition to knowing the law, Steve has great practical knowledge about how things  work in the real world. He is very good with technology, but also with practical knowledge. Quite often, lawsuits involve issues such as whether a building is properly constructed, whether a car is defective, or issues as simple as a boundary line on a farm. With his farm background, and also his undergraduate degree in industrial arts, Steve knows how things work.
Finally, Steve is generous with his time and money in the community. He has a real sense of duty to his community, and volunteers his time and money to help make the community better. He would make a great judge.
Marty Keenan
Great Bend