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Judicial selection system works just fine
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Dear Editor,
The Merit Selection system has worked fine since 1959 selecting Judges in Kansas. Brownback wants to destroy the independence of the Judicial branch of government and appoint Kansas Justices and Judges with a rubber stamp approval by conservatives in the Kansas Senate.
Our 112th House Rep John Edmonds (R) voted to let the Governor pick his political cronies without regard to legal ability. There will be another vote to finalize this new law. please call phone: 785 296-5593 or Rep. John Edmonds and ask him not to change something that has worked just fine since 1959. The normal division of branches is into a legislature, an executive, and a judiciary. Kansas needs an independent judiciary for checks and balance this way, no one branch becomes too powerful.
Mike LoBurgio
Barton County Democratic Chairman
Great Bend