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Kansas and Greg Orman
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Dear Editor,
The people of Kansas will soon make a statement to the nation about what they believe. It’s never been Kansans way to seek power and influence in the national discourse; Kansans let people on the coasts do that. Still, thats not kept those people from coming into Kansas and trying to tell Kansans how to vote. Probably not since Kansas was in its infancy and deciding to reject slavery, have so many political operatives spent so much money to influence Kansans as they are now to influence your vote for your US Senator.
My family has been in Kansas for more than four generations: the Johnsons of Salemsburg and Salina, and the Holcombs of Lindsborg, Sharon Springs, and Holcomb; all Swedish immigrants of the 1800s. Personally, I have lived in Kansas twice, so far. But beyond my love of our home state, I have an additional interest in the current Kansas race for US Senate.
I have known Greg Orman for over 12 years; we met through a mutual friend and classmate of mine from West Point. The three of us were participants in the American Legion Boys State program, the origin of our earliest connection. Later, when I met Greg, he was already a successful businessman having built a high-efficiency lighting company from scratch and selling it to Kansas City Power & Light. Still, Greg comes from humble roots and has always stayed close to them. He wears neither his success nor his wealth on his sleeve. Instead, he is exceptionally intelligent, highly driven and focused on succeeding in all endeavors. Most importantly, he says what he means and he does what he says he is going to do.
As a lifelong Republican, I have been disappointed to see leaders for whom I have voted, speak falsehoods about Greg. I may be naive, but I would rather they try to find something positive to say about Pat Roberts  which they never do. Their message is either Vote Against Orman or Vote for the Republican Party. Even they see Roberts as a cog in their party machine for decades. More importantly, they are targeting one emotion, fear. They want you to fear that Orman is aligned with Obama and Reid he is not. They want you to fear that there will not be a change in Senate power, there will be. So what is left to fear? They fear that Orman will be elected and that he will not be beholden to them for his office (as is Roberts today.) Maybe they got that last one right.
Please do not place your vote out of fear. Look at the positions that Orman has stated (not the falsehoods that appear in TV commercials). If you agree with those positions, take him at his word and hold him accountable for his actions. Be bold, Kansans; the nation is again watching you.
J. Holcomb
Brookfield, Wisc.