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Kansas Legislature is an embarrassment
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Dear Editor,
I love Kansas and being from Kansas. I tell people around the world that growing up there in Western Kansas taught me many things but mostly it taught me the importance of community and tolerance. The Kansas legislature and others supporting the idea that excluding anyone based on sexual preference are an embarrassment to themselves and to the great state that once was Kansas. They may not wear white hoods and robes but their hearts are as black as those who did. They may be able to see but they are blind to morality and on the wrong side of the golden rule and any other rule worthy of consideration. They are also on the wrong side of history. It is a raging disgrace born of pure ignorance, intolerance, and the basest of motives. Tragic, but all who can should stand tall and decry those who support such an atrocity with hope that others will follow. Ideally, thru compassionate and honest debate the ignorant will be enlightened. May not work today or tomorrow but inevitably and thereafter forever. What is wrong with Kansas? I have argued “nothing” my whole life. Now it is an embarrassment--one Kansans can prevent or correct!!! Please.
Ty Cobb
Great Bend native
Kiawah Island, SC.