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Kevin Wondra is only choice for Treasurer
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Dear Editor,
In my opinion Kevin Wondra is our only choice for Barton County Treasurer.
It’s not the position he holds that drives him it’s his servants heart.
He often works later than everyone else just so that the next day will go smoother.
On several occasions he has been noticed out helping people standing in line to move things along better. The long lines and delays at the treasurers office are a statewide problem with the states software, not a result of the way he runs his office.
Kevin is a K-State graduate with a degree in accounting and business. He was the former register of deeds and worked many years for the Turner Law Office.
When Kevin took over the job as Barton County Treasurer there were serious accounting problems which he has worked hard to fix. All audits have balanced since he has taken office.
Kevin is a good man and good friend and I know he will continue to do the best job possible in the next four years.
Barry Parker
Great Bend