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Labor Day parade was appreciated
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Dear Editor,
I enjoyed the mention in the Great Bend Tribune: “Flags a waving” — Sept. 6 — telling about the assorted patriotic sentiment among spectators and participants alike at the 114th annual Labor Day parade in Hoisington.
The Patriot Guard motorcycle honor group as well as other participants made it truly a star-spangled, spectacular event. Not many towns in America can boast a tradition lasting for 114 years. I am proud of Hoisington for continuing this fine tradition.
Too often, individual people and collective groups try to manipulate public opinion by waving “Old Glory.” Labor Day is a day to salute working men and women; but it is also a time to pause and reflect upon how commerce and industry shape our nation. Businesses and unions are not foes; but allied in a common cause. Similarly, bosses and workers are not foes, but friends who need each other to generate economic locomotion.
Our national flag of stars and stripes are highly symbolic of a laboring nation which seeks to elevate itself above all others via honorable effort. The honor guards who display the flags touch the hearts of all the bystanders who cherish the flags.
Elbow grease is as vital to our nation as motor oil and gasoline. I am always glad to see groups of bikers in parade formation. The “iron horse” of today has somewhat taken the place of the trusty horse of yesteryear in parades.
Parading is a concept that the United States of America has elevated to an art form. Marchers, riders, and side-liners all have smiles and happy memories.
Labor Day may be a holiday, but it is clearly a day in which Hoisington exerted a lot of effort to make this a success. I appreciate their efforts and hope that they will continue this tradition for many more years to come.
James A. Marples,