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Larned abatement is not fair
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Dear Editor,
My name is Dale Jones, I am 76 years old and a life time resident of Larned. I am proud of the town that I grew up in and chose to raise my family. People of good will know me in many different ways: Christian, father, husband, retired state employee with 40-plus years, veteran, and friend.
With that in mind I am deeply saddened by the manner I am being treated by the governing body for the city of Larned.
One of my properties has been cited by the city of Larned governing body as having a blighting influence on properties in the area.
I received an order and began working feverishly towards correcting the problem.
I also informed the city manager of Larned that his time frame to complete the work wasn’t manageable financially or physically. He continues to be indifferent to my concerns.
These are dire economic times and I have made a good faith effort to comply with the city order by personally removing specific items listed in the citation: old refrigerators, tires, tree limbs, concrete, metal, etc.
Please know that many of these items were not mine, but junk other residents dropped off on my property without my permission or knowledge, and keep being dropped off. I have done my best to work with the city to bring my property into compliance at both physical and financial hardship to me and my family. I have contacted Eakin Enterprises Inc. and it is under contract to remove all the remaining items ASAP. I have submitted a signed contract to the city of Larned and they are aware of my effort and intentions to comply with the city order, yet the governing body continues to treat me with hostile indifference.
I consider the summons to appear in municipal court, Jan. 5, at 4 p.m., hostile indifference, because the city manager is requesting to be authorized to enter onto my property and make improvements, Eakin Enterprises, Inc. has been hired to do, and assess the cost for such improvements against me and file the same as a lien against my property. He also wants to assess penalties, a $500 fine and $500 each day the property remains in non-compliance.
I am not requesting preferential treatment only that the governing body allow me the time needed for Eakin Enterprises Inc. to complete the job. I am requesting that those concerned join me at municipal court in Larned at 417 Broadway, Jan. 5, at 4 p.m.
Lastly, I was a visitor at the Dec. 5 council session and I am troubled that the city council voted down a motion to amend the building ordinance so that the Pawnee Valley Hospital permitting fees could be waived. The hospital is a much needed improvement in terms of the quality of life, common welfare, and the well being of all Larned and Pawnee County residents.
I would request that the city of Larned’s governing body be truly open, fair, compassionate, and candid in their future individual and collective deliberations. 
Dale & Mary Jones,