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League of Women Voters urges citizens to vote
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Dear Editor,
For democracy to work, eligible citizens need to study the issues and candidates and to vote. Those who say that they are not going to vote because they do not like either candidate are not acting as responsible citizens. Both men and women have fought hard for the right to vote, and even today in our state of Kansas, some elected officials are working to suppress the right of eligible citizens to vote. A recent court decision has ordered Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to add over 19,000 eligible voters to the list of registered voters. Secretary Kobach had removed them from the voting list and classified them as suspended or purged voters because they had not furnished proof of citizenship, although they had signed a statement under penalty of perjury saying that they were citizens.
The League of Women Voters of Great Bend urges citizens to register to vote, study the issues and candidates, and to vote in the November election.
Jari Marietta, President
League of Women Voters of Great Bend