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Lets do the right thing
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Dear editor,

In the end, nothing changed. Wow, isn’t that the truth!

Obviously, the Mayor and some members of the Great Bend city council care little about doing the right thing, and are ignoring what the people want, which is giving Chief Couch a chance to keep his job pending an investigation into allegations made by both sides.

Councilman Dana Dawson asked for a full forensic audit, and was told it may be on the agenda for the next meeting. If there is nothing to hide, why would we not do this? These issues should be as transparent as possible. We the people, who elected you, have a right to know the truth.

Councilman Wayne Henneke, I am particularly disappointed in you. You are a better person than that, and hope you will do the right thing.

Bishop Dale Bonner said, “The most powerful force we all carry within us is the power of choice to change course at anytime.” Please for the citizens of Great Bend, give Chief Couch a chance!


Dick and Reva Dougherty

Great Bend